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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for consultations?

No! Initial consultations are complimentary.

Are your planning packages customizable?

Yes! All of our packages are customizable. Each package has a base price, but you may choose to include add-ons to any of our packages.

Are there any extra fees associated with your packages?

If the location of your wedding is outside of a 30 mile radius from Huntsville, Alabama, there will be additional travel expenses. This includes a mileage fee ($0.65 per mi) and hotel accomodations.

How many weddings do you plan each year?

Millie James Weddings + Events only accepts 2 clients per month for a total of 24 weddings each year. My most important job is being a stay-at-home mama, so this magic number allows me time to spend with my family and dedicate my best self to my clients!

You are a Christian-based business. What does this mean to you and how is this reflected in your work?

I always seek to treat my clients and the people I work with in the wedding industry with kindness! I also see my business as an opportunity to share what I think a marriage that glorifies God truly looks like! Marriage is a sacrificial kind of love... When we can put our partner's wants and needs first, this is a marriage that glorifies God, because it is a direct reflection of the sacrificial love that God showed to us by sending his Son, Jesus, to die on the Cross. As a small thank you and keepsake of our time together, each of my couples are gifted a book called Vertical Marriage by married couple Dave and Ann Wilson on their wedding day.

What is your communication preference?

My communication preference is your communication preference! Email or text is easiest for me, but as long as you don't mind hearing my children in the background, I'm always happy to pick up the phone! 

What are your business hours?

Business hours are Monday-Friday 9-5. My office is open by appointment only, but if you happen to see me in there working, please pop in and say hi!

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